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Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle with LED Temperature Display

449 499 Ex Tax: 449

The gorgeous travel smart Flask Bottle with LED Temperature Display is sure to add its vibrant energy to your day. It allows you to carry your hot or cold Water, coffee or tea around without fear of it spilling - so you can drink it whenever and wherever you like. Or keep it at your desk and keep sipping your coffee through the day, just as hot as it was in the morning. Capacity - 420ml..

Magic Drying Towel Reusable Water Absorbent Multipurpose Cleaning Cloth for Kitchen, Pack of (3)

249 Ex Tax: 249

Magic Towel made out of Chamois leather & is very soft, fine & smooth in touch. Strong tenacity & Super water absorbency. Material: PVA, hardens when dry, to prevent bacteria invasion and reproduction. Stretch & tear resistant. Material Suede Application: Kitchen, Feature: Eco-Friendly, Usage: Cleaning, magic towel all purpose :- sport , bath , make up Application :- super absorbent . all purpose . can be used as a towel in bathing , drying hair , removing make-up and more. NOTIC..

Temperature Display Indicator Sipper 510ML Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tea Coffee Mug

599 Ex Tax: 599

FeatureKeep drinks hot or cold: This coffee cup can keep your beverages hot or cold for up to 6 hours. You can get a fresh drink at any time.Leakproof secure design: This travel cup applies screw-on construction, which can click securely into the closed position and prevent your drink from leaking.Keep your furniture safe: The coffee mug has a non-skid rubber pad on the bottom so it is safe for your furniture and would not slip.Swing-up closure design: The swing-up closure help you easy to open ..

Waterproof Kitchen Apron Oil-Proof Gown (Pack of 2)

349 Ex Tax: 349

The apron's front pocket holds your mobile phone, recipe cards, and other items so you can use them whenever you want. 2 side coral velvet towels, There are wonderful convenience when you can clean your hands very fast. Neck Strap: The Neck strap has an adjustable clasp design that may accommodate different people's demands. The most vital aspect is that it fits comfortably around your neck and does not sag. Water and oil resistant: Made of water and oil resistant material that is easy to clean ..

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