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Smart LED Active Temperature Display Indicator Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (500ml)

Smart LED Active Temperature Display Indicator Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle (500ml)

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Safety Information:
Clean the Bottle With Room Temperature Water And Don't Use Soap Water On LED Cap Indicator.
The intelligent real-time water temperature display, always knows if the drinking water temperature is Hot Or Cold.
The touch switch is turned on and then automatically turned off within 3 seconds. It can help you easily understand the water temperature, providing the most intimate drinking experience, avoiding burns, and enjoying coffee.

Our products maintain liquid heat above 42°C for up to 6 hours. And liquid cooling temperatures below 10°C for up to 5 hours. After 24 hours at 100°C, the temperature is maintained at about 40°C.
This New style mug has a LED Intelligent Temperature Display on the top of the thermos which will last up to 80,000 touches without a battery change. That's 5+ years of usage! The warmth of every moment you can see just by gently touching the top of the thermos cover. Press the top of the thermos softly, Sensitive capacity touch-cover can show the temperature of the water inside the thermos immediately which can avoid burning your mouth.

Smart LCD Touch Screen
Large screen smart temperature display. Easy to understand the internal temperature of the liquid by touching the LED screen. It is not necessary to pass the mouth to check the temperature and avoid burns.

Leak Proof Design
The travel mug is sealed and spill-proof to ensure perfect, safe sealing and reliable, leak-free performance.

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